CloudBeaver 21.0.0

Release - 2021-04-15

Changes since 20.0.0:

  • Navigation tree:
    • Simple and advanced view for database objects
    • Show system objects option
  • Connection form:
    • New drivers: Oracle, SQL Server, Trino (Presto), Derby Server
    • SSH support
    • Editing for manual connections
    • Custom fields for advanced connection settings
    • Connection form redesign
    • Fixes for the name duplicates and deletion of the template connections
  • Data editor:
    • Value panel for data review and editing
    • Spatial data viewer
    • Sorting indication for the data grid
    • Performance improvements
  • SQL editor:
    • Improvements for autosuggest and highlighting
  • Log viewer:
    • Quick review for the error details
    • All errors and warnings on the panel
  • New page with the product information
  • Administration part:
    • Redesign for the authentication engine
    • Server re-configuration without re-login
    • Additional labels for the connections with SSH
  • A lot of UI fixes, enhancements and improvements.