CloudBeaver 21.1.0

Release - 2021-07-15

Changes since 21.0.0

  • Navigation tree:
    • User's and shared connections are divided into different groups.
  • Connection form:
    • Read-only connections are marked in the connection form.
    • It is possible to show and hide password in the connection dialog.
  • Data editor:
    • New actions are available from the context menu:
      • filtering
      • ordering
      • cell editing.
    • Support for different formats is added to the Value panel.
    • Work with links is improved:
      • Links to the web pages can be opened from the tables
      • Links to the pictures are automatically transformed to the pictures on the Value panel.
    • It is possible to edit Boolean values as checkboxes in the tables.
    • Read-only columns and tables are marked in the result set.
  • SQL editor:
    • Query execution plan is added.
    • Database logos are displayed in the top menu selector.
    • Auto-complete for the SQL dialects works automatically.
  • Log viewer:
    • Detailed information for errors is opened on the panel.
  • Administration part:
    • Access management for users and connections is improved.
  • It is possible to change the user password from the public part of CloudBeaver.
  • New design for dialogs is implemented.
  • Possibility to export data for users can be configured.
  • A lot of UI fixes, enhancements and improvements are made.