CloudBeaver 21.2.0 2021 10 14

CloudBeaver 21.2.0 - 2021-10-14

Changes since 21.1.0

  • The Metadata Editor and the Navigator tree:

    • Objects can be deleted and renamed.
    • SQL Scripts generation is available in the objects’ context menu.
  • The SQL Editor:

    • Option to run SQL Scripts has been implemented.
    • Auto-complete has been improved.
  • The Administration part:

    • Role management has been added.
  • The Data Editor:

    • The possibility to add and delete rows has been added.
    • The SQL script preview is available after making changes and before saving or discarding them.
    • Radio buttons have been added to the Value panel to edit Boolean values.
  • The Connection form:

    • The database and SSH credentials can be entered to test connections.
  • Session expiration notifications has been improved.

  • The possibility to skip the Easy configuration step according to the configuration has been added.
  • A lot of small bug fixes, enhancements and improvements have been made.