CloudBeaver 21.3.0 2021 12 24

CloudBeaver 21.3.0 - 2021-12-24

Changes since 21.2.0

  • Data Editor:
    • Table rows can be duplicated.
    • Hotkeys are added for table editing.
    • Confirmation is required to close or refresh a table with unsaved changes.
    • XML values can be edited.
  • SQL Editor:
    • SQL formatting is available.
    • Scripts can be downloaded and uploaded.
    • The SQL Editor can be opened in a separate browser tab.
  • Metadata Editor:
    • Objects DDL can be saved to an external file.
  • Administration:
    • Instructions to update the CloudBeaver version are available for administrators.
    • The server easy configuration is simplified.
    • Deleting of roles with assigned users is prohibited.
  • Local configuration:
    • The following limits can be set:
      • the size of exported files,
      • the number of fetched table rows,
      • the number of executable queries at the same time.
    • The possibility to edit database objects can be disabled.
    • User access information can be stored in a local database.
  • The current user information is available in the Profile at the top menu.
  • Chinese UI localization is supported.
  • DB2 iSeries driver is added.
  • A lot of small bug fixes, enhancements and improvements have been made.