CloudBeaver 22.0.0 2022 03 09

CloudBeaver 22.0.0 - 2021-03-09

Changes since 21.3.0

  • Administration:
    • Specific drivers can be excluded from the connection list.
  • Data Editor:
    • Arrays can be edited in tables.
  • SQL Editor:
    • Parsing of scripts with delimiters has been improved.
    • The SQL Editor tabs can be renamed.
  • Database Navigator:
    • The new menu allows you to:
      • filter objects in the Database Navigator;
      • collapse the Navigator tree to the root level;
      • synchronize the active Metadata Editor with the element in the Database Navigator.
    • The Database Navigator view can be set for every user separately.
  • Connection form:
    • SSH public key support has been added.
  • Local configuration:
    • Table data editing can be disabled;
    • Driver access to the file system can be limited;
    • Specific IP addresses can be set for the CloudBeaver instance.
  • The dialog with available shortcuts can be opened from the top menu.
  • The new tab’s context menu allows users to close all opened tabs or a group of tabs.
  • Tables can be exported with applied filters and sorting.
  • Users will be informed of the number of displayed elements is limited in the Navigator tree or the Metadata Editor.
  • Theme settings can be configured and saved for every user separately.
  • User IDs have been added to the logs.
  • Xms and Xmx environment variables can be set for the CloudBeaver instance.
  • A lot of small bug fixes, enhancements and improvements have been made.