CloudBeaver 22.1.0 2022 06 06

CloudBeaver 22.1.0 - 2022-06-06

Changes since 22.0.0

  • The new Resource Manager allows users to store and manage scripts in CloudBeaver.
  • Data Editor:
    • The auto-refresh tool has been added to update table data automatically;
    • Big values can be saved to an external file;
    • The Value panel supports BLOB images.
  • SQL Editor:
    • Object names can be added to the SQL Editor field by dragging them from the Navigator Tree;
    • The SQL Editor for a connection can be opened via URL.
  • Metadata Editor:
    • Objects DDL can be opened in the SQL Editor.
  • Authentication:
    • Users can login to the application via Nginx.
  • Connection:
    • Keep-Alive interval and Connect timeout parameters can be configured for an SSH Tunnel;
    • SQL Server supports NTLM authentication;
    • Administrators can use PgPass authentication for PostgreSQL.
  • Administration:
    • The Resource Manager can be disabled;
    • Administrators can revoke and return permissions to a user with a single click in the user's dialog.
  • Local configuration:
    • The size limit of the Resource Manager scripts and the Value panel files can be configured to improve CloudBeaver performance;
    • SSH key value for a connection can be stored in the configuration file.
    • Application fields can be returned to a default size by double-clicking on the field's separator.
  • Different bug fixes and enhancements have been made.