CloudBeaver 22.2.0 2022 09 06

CloudBeaver 22.2.0 - 2022-09-06

Changes since 22.1.0

  • Public page:
    • administrators can create shared connections via the Connection menu.
  • Resource Manager:
    • users can group scripts into folders;
    • when internet connection is lost, script editing is disabled to prevent users from losing data;
    • users can refresh all scripts by clicking one button;
    • users can rename scripts.
  • Database Navigator:
    • users can group connections into folders.
  • SQL Editor:
    • "Link with Editor" tool is now available for the SQL Editor and synchronizes it with the element in the Database Navigator;
    • script formatting can be undone.
  • The Data Editor:
    • non-editable tables are marked;
    • users can change the coordinate system for spatial data in the Value panel.
  • Local configuration:
    • the application language can be set;
    • the number of table rows to load can be configured to prevent the application from slowing down in the following cases:
      • the default number of loaded rows when users open a table and then scroll it,
      • the minimum and maximum number of rows, which users can load at once when scrolling the table;
    • SQL query execution time limit can be changed;
  • The cookies can be disabled.
  • The product upgrade scripts were improved to avoid possible UI issues.
  • A lot of small bug fixes, enhancements and improvements have been made.