CloudBeaver 22.2.1 2022 09 26

CloudBeaver 22.2.1 - 2022-09-26

  • Connection:
    • new filter in connection driver properties simplifies search of driver settings;
    • administrators can search local connections via the Connection menu on the Public page.
  • Table data export:
    • character encoding can be changed for table data;
    • the byte order mark (BOM) can be inserted to export Unicode characters properly.
  • The Settings button opens the new menu in the Resource Manager. The menu allows users to:
    • filter scripts,
    • collapse all expanded folders,
    • keep the tree view after refreshing the browser page,
    • show the tree view as the path to the script,
    • remove grouping of scripts by projects.
  • The new tool in the Navigator toolbar allows users to hide names of connections’ groups.
  • Administrator can set a default view of the Navigation tree, Simple or Advanced, for all users. If the Administrator wants to restrict further changing of this view by users it is possible with a special setting in the configuration file.
  • Different bug fixes and improvements have been made.