CloudBeaver overview



Open connection to remote database

  1. Select Connection > New connection > custom in a main menu
  2. Select database
  3. Set connection options and driver properties and press Connect button

Select database Connection options

Navigate database structure

After the connection has been established left application panel contains a navigation tree with a database structure

  1. Click element in the the tree to open/close nested elements
  2. Double-click to open object details on the right application panel
  3. Hover element and click on the burger icon to open a context menu of the element
    • context menu of a connection allows to close connection (Disconnect) or open SQL editor (SQL)

Navigation tree

View properties of database object

  1. Open a new connection
  2. Select a desired object in the navigation tree, double-click it
  3. Object property viewer is opened on the right panel

Property view

View and edit table data

  1. Open a new connection
  2. Select a table element in the navigation tree, double-click it
  3. Table viewer is opened on the right panel

Table view

Edit cell

Double-click cell to edit it. You can submit changes or cancel editing.

Note Submitted changes will be immediately applied to the database

Edit cell

Copy cells

  • Use drag-n-drop to select range of cells
  • Press Ctrl to add a new selection to the existing one
  • Click index cell to select a row
  • Click column cell to select a column

Note If the data table is big and only part is downloaded only loaded cells will be selected

  • Press Ctrl-C to copy selected cells to clipboard in CSV format

Execute SQL query

  1. Open a new connection
  2. Click SQL in the main menu
  3. SQL editor with results panel is opened
  4. Write SQL query and press Ctrl-Enter or click Execute icon
  5. Query results will be shown in a tab on the SQL results panel

SQL Editor