Connection configuration

Connection types in CB

Provided connections

Configuration is located in ${WORKSPACE}/GlobalConfiguration/.dbeaver/provided-connections.json.
Provided connections are always visible in the database navigator. Users can't delete or change them.

Preconfigured connections

Configuration is located in ${WORKSPACE}/GlobalConfiguration/.dbeaver/data-sources.json.
Preconfigured connections are similar to provided connections, main difference is that they are not present in the database navigator by default. Users can add them to the navigator tree using main toolbar Connection->New Connection->Preconfigured.

Custom connections

Custom connections can be created by users (Note: configuration parameter supportsCustomConnections must be turned on).

  • Click on main toolbar->Connection->New Connection->Custom.
  • Choose connection driver
  • Fill connection parameters
  • Click "Create" and connection will be added in the navigator tree

Cloud connections

Cloud connections cannot be created or deleted by users explicitly. Their configuration is provided by cloud service provider (e.g. thru AWS API).
Once CB will find such connections (by using cloud configuration specified by server administrator) they will become visible in the navigator tree.