Plugin system

Folder structure

  |-webapp                 # all frontend code is here
    |-packages             # yarn workspaces managed by lerna
      |-core               # core package with common modules like GraphQL, 
        |                    dependency injection, and common app services
        |-cli              # core/plugin/product build configs (webpack, babel)
        |-administration   # administration API
        |-di               # dependency injection module
        |-blocks           # the module with basic components - buttons, tabs, tables, lists
        |-sdk              # GraphQL wrapping services
        |-dialogs          # menus, context menus, modal windows
        |-...              # other modules
        |-etc...            # other plugins
      |-product-default     # default application product package (with all plugins)

Plugin folder structure

common folder structure:

 |-node_modules    # dependencies
 |-lib             # after the build will contain the artifact
 |-public          # put static assets to this folder
 |-src             # keep source files here


execute from cloudbeaver/webapp

yarn run bootstrap

load all dependencies and init workspaces

yarn run build

build all packages (plugins and the application) the result will be placed in packages/{package-name}/lib folder

yarn run lint

lint all code

yarn run lint-fix

lint all code and fix

Build plugin

To build a single plugin execute

lerna run build --stream --scope=@cloudbeaver/plugin-name

Build product

Product folder structure is the same as for plugin

    |-node_modules     # dependencies
    |-lib              # after the build will contain the artifact
    |-public           # put static assets to this folder
    |-src              # keep source files here

only difference in build command: "build": "core-cli-build --mode=production --config ../core-cli/configs/webpack.product.config.js", it uses product config, also contains dev command for starting development local build "dev": "core-cli-build serve --mode=development --progress --config=../core-cli/configs/ --port=3100",

The application package simple defines the list of plugins that should be included in the build


Execute command to build only application without rebuilding plugins

lerna run build --stream --scope=@cloudbeaver/product-name


  1. To run a development build that watches file changed and rebuilds you can use the dev command:
    lerna run dev --stream --scope=@cloudbeaver/product-default -- -- --env server=http://backend.server:8095
    it starts dev server for product-default and proxies backend requests to http://backend.server:8095

  2. Navigate localhost:3100 to open the application

Static assets

You can keep static assets like images, favicon, etc in public folder in plugin packages or app package

All such assets will be copied to application distributive. Assets with the same name will overwrite one another but it is known that Application public assets win.


See the example in the core-administration AdministrationLocaleService.ts and locales folder