Product configuration parameters

Some variables can be configured via product.conf (server), or via config.json5 (for webapp).

The list of configurable variables are:

Variable Value Description
core.user.defaultTheme light Default theme
core.user.defaultLanguage en Default language 3000 Log viewer refresh interval in ms 1000 Maximum rows in log viewer 3 Count failed log viewer request before disabling Maximum children in navigation tree
core_events.notificationsPool 5 Maximum notifications
plugin_erd_viewer.maxColumnsToDisplay7500 Maximum columns in ERD
plugin_data_export.disabled true Disable data export functionality

You can also specify these parameters in the config file /workspace/.data/.product.runtime.conf. These properties have a higher priority than product.conf.

For example, if you want to disable the data export functionality, you can do it this way.

  1. Open or create .product.runtime.conf in folder .data
  2. Paste the following code
     "plugin_data_export": {
    "disabled": true