Server Architecture


CloudBeaver server is a Java application. It is based on OSGI framework and utilizes several Eclipse bundles.
Back-end parts depends on DBeaver.
DBeaver is a multiplatform desktop application. It also based on OSGI/Eclipse.
Cloudbeaver uses "headless" part of it - everything related to database connectivity and project management.

Anyway, in order to build CloudBeaver server you need to build DBeaver first. All DBeaver artefacts will be put in local Maven repository so CloudBeaver will see its dependencies. You can see deploy/ script for details.


DBeaver relies on Java 8 language level and compile target.
However default Java version is OpenJDK 11.
Maven 3.6+ is our default Java build system.


  • Equinox as OSGi container.
  • Eclipse Platform for virtual file system and plugin management.
  • Jetty as a web server.
  • Java GraphQL as a front-end communication API.
  • DBeaver as database management platform.
  • Various 3rd party bundles with database drivers

Supported databases

In CloudBeaver Community we support only free and open-source databases. Such as:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SQLite
  • Firebird

We will add more database drivers support in future versions.