Privacy policy

We believe that the personal information you provide to us must be both kept private and used in a responsible fashion. Therefore, we consistently put our best efforts towards achieving both these objectives.

Web Site Traffic and Analysis

DBeaver Corp gathers and analyzes information about our users’ routine use of the web site. We use this information to monitor what areas of the site are most popular and adjust the focus of our continuous development efforts.

Use of Web Browser ‘Cookies’

Cookies are used at the CloudBeaver web site for maintaining sessions only. Sensitive information, such as telephone numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers are never stored in cookies.


DBeaver Corp is concerned about the security of the personal data that we collect and put in place measures to prevent unauthorized access to that information.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

DBeaver is sensitive to user’s privacy issues and recognizes the need to update this policy as new features and business services are offered. Any changes of the privacy policy are announced at the CloudBeaver web site. If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us.