Choose your CloudBeaver

CloudBeaver Enterprise

This is the best option for your corporate AWS environment.

It is available on the AWS marketplace. You can test it for free for 30 days.

CloudBeaver Enterprise is specially adopted for corporate needs:

  • Integration with AWS infrastructure:AWS authentication, user management and permission management
  • Support for native AWS datasources: RDS, Redshift, DynamoDB, DocumentDB
  • Custom connections to the most popular datasources out-of-the box
  • Data and metadata viewers for your databases
  • Powerful SQL-editor
  • Entity diagrams for schemas and tables
  • Data and diagrams export

If you are interested in CloudBeaver Enterprise but you want to deploy it in your closed environment, please send us a message.

CloudBeaver Community

CloudBeaver comunity edition is free to use and open-source (licensed under Apache 2.0 license).

Get your CloudBeaver:

Are you curious about how CloudBeaver Community looks like? Give it a try on our Demo server.

The connection instructions for the Demo server are here.